touchtwo CCT Smart Panel Controller Wall Switch (P2)


Includes 19% MwSt.
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Dual white color change, brightness adjustable, 9 color modes
A high-precision touch chip enables reliable operation
With LED Night Light
Voltage: 12V-24V/DC
Outsource current: Max. 5A/Channel Total Max.15A
60s delay shutdown automatic, touch the button, the light is automatically turned off after 60 seconds.


The Smart Panel controllers are new high-end wall switches. The pleasant appearance is characterized by appealing glass panels. A capacitant high-precision touch-screen IC was also installed, which ensures a stable function. A memory function exists (when the lights are turned back on, the previous inlets are retained). The controllers work with dual white lamps, as well as the dual white LED stripes. They also work with the flexible stripes, panel lamp and rolling stripes. Just install and get started.


CE certificate:

Additional information




DC: 12-24V

output current

"Max. 6A/Kanal
gesamt Max.15A "


DC: 12-24V

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