9W IP54 RGB + CCT ceiling lamps built-in spotlights (FUT062)


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  • IP54, waterproof moisture-proof, both RF remote and WiFi available
  • Adjust your lighting to your needs or mood.
  • Including. Memory function to resume previous settings
  • Highly efficient broadcast coverage. Adoption of PMMA material

LIGHTEU, FUT062 9W RGBWW wifi downlight

The Milight RGBW 9 watt downlights ceiling lamps have 1200 lumens to give you a bright house or workplace. Milight RGBW ceiling lamps give you all the colors including dimming function, color changeable with sequence modes that can be used during party time. Simple and convenient. In LED technology, the power consumption is 20 of the conventional light bulb. The lifespan of LED lamps is more than 10 times longer than that of fluorescent lamps.
To control LIGHTEU smartlights with your mobile device, you need a wifi box. A single wifi box can be used to control as many light bulbs as possible. Note that images are for illustrations only.

Power: 9W
White Color: WW (2700-3200K) CW (6000-6500K

CRI: 80
Lumen (white): 700LM
Voltage: AC86-265V 50/60MZ
Size: 135mm * 43
Phole size: 120-125
Lifespan: 50,000 hours of bean angle: 15 degrees
PF: 0.5 ml material: Aluminium
Use:: KTVS, bars, galleries, shopping malls, offices, etc.
Package included:
1X 9w RGBCCT ceiling lamp, Spotlight

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